Professional Vehicle Wrap Installer… Why not do it yourself?

Experience: The high-end professional wrap installers have spent thousands of hours practicing their skills. They have handled miles of vinyl. They have run hundreds of thousands of strokes with various squeegees and tools. They have pulled, pushed, tightened and relaxed untold amounts of films. In short, this doesn’t happen overnight nor by accident. A professional wrap installer has put in an immense amount of time to make it look just that easy.

Knowledge: Your average skilled professional wrap installer can tell within 2 two strokes if the film is laying correctly. He or she can tell instantly, by touch, if the film is laminated or not. They can immediately smell if a print has been laminated too quickly and whether or not this will cause extra aggression in the adhesive tac. They know which way the seams should go, how they should line up and where to position them for the best finished look. How do you correct an alignment issue? How do you position a bumper section? How do you correctly trim body panel seams? What is the proper angle to wrap a door handle? Disassemble the side mirrors… tail lights…? There are a multitude of ways to mess up a wrap install and a professional installer has a huge jump on knowing just what they are.

Tools: Did you know that national wrap installation professionals have spent many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on EACH set of specialized tools for their crews? The professional wrap installer has spent a lot of time and money purchasing specific blades, rollers and holders, tapes, squeegees and a variety of other specialized tools that are designed to make sure the wrap is done correctly. These guys aren’t walking into a project with an x-acto knife and vinyl squeegee folks. They take their job seriously and have invested heavily in the tools of their trade.

Just like a veteran woodcarver can make his knives move through oak like butter, and a martial arts master can make his spinning jump kick look effortless, a professional wrapper can make his job look easy. BUT, it all comes as a result of tireless practice and endless dedication to perfecting their skills. THIS is why you go with the professional wrap installer.