Tips for Creating Compelling Signs for Retail Businesses

Retail businesses make up a big portion of the customer base for most sign shops. Therefore, sign shops must be able to create compelling signs for these businesses, whether in house or outsourced, so they can keep those stores coming back for more.

Here are a few tips for creating compelling signs for retail companies:

Keep it simple: When people are shopping, the majority of their attention is focused on finding the product they’re looking for, or determining what sales are going on. Therefore, they have very short attention spans, which means you must be able to get your message across quickly. It should only take a few seconds for customers to look at your sign and get the message, meaning there shouldn’t be many words, and any images you use should be simple and easy to identify.

Keep fonts easy to read: Again, time is of the essence when it comes to retail sign design. If a font is too difficult to read, store customers won’t even bother. Therefore, any fonts used on signs should be extremely easy to read. Sans serif fonts are always a great choice, as they come without frills and can be used in bold or italic style without losing any readability.

Get personal: The world of retail requires you to get much more personal with customers than other types of fields. Therefore, use a lot of words like “you” or “yours” to really drive your message home. This creates a more conversational tone, as if the store’s brand is speaking directly to the customer reading the sign.

Be creative: Just because customers only glance at the sign for a few seconds doesn’t mean you should remove any creativity or fun from it. You still need to convince customers to look at the sign in the first place, which means it can’t be boring. Sign shops should work with their clients to determine if there are any special design requests they have, or particular images or logos they should use to engage customers. The use of specific colors can also play a role in how many people decide to pay attention to the sign.

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