Using proper sign materials for your specific needs


Acrylic is a durable material suited for almost any sign application. Indoors, it provides the upscale look demanded by image-conscious clients. Outdoors, it offers the durability and tolerance needed for permanent applications. Acrylic can be used for channel letters faces or light box faces.



Polycarbonates, such as Lexan®, are clear, shatterproof plastics that provide more durability and more flexibility than conventional acrylic plastics. They are widely used for exterior sign faces in areas that are subject to vandalism. Polycarbonates are also used for light box graphics.


MDO Wood

Our marine grade plywood (MDO) will withstand the elements. It will last several years outdoors and is strong enough to serve as a freestanding sign. It is ideal for applications such as construction site signs, commercial leasing and sandwich board signs.


Foam PVC

Foam PVC is ideal for use in permanent indoor applications that require an upscale presentation. It is not recommended for outdoor signage. PVC foam board is good alternative to plywood. Can be paintet, covered with vinyl and is easy to cut mechanically or laser.


Aluminum Composite Materials

ACM combines the durability and professional presentation of aluminum with the strength and rigidity of wood. ACMs are stronger than solid aluminum sheets of similar thickness but not as expensive. They are ideal for free-standing signs that require a more professional presentation than offered with wood or plastic materials.



Aluminum is the perfect material for any permanent outdoor or indoor sign. The lightweight yet rigid characteristics make it the perfect substrate:  strong, durable, long lasting, comes in a variety of different colors. Ideal for small, door hangers, real estate signs, jumbo-sized billboards or any other permanent sign needs.


Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic material is waterproof plastic material which resembles the appearance of "plastic cardboard". It is a popular alternative to rigid plastic or foam board. Comes in two thicknesses: 4mm and 10mm.  Sheets are 4x8 feet and can be cut to any size or shape. Widely used in advertising campaigns and as elections signs.


Foam Board

Used primarily for short-term applications, foam board is lightweight and rigid, making it an excellent choice for show cards. It is somewhat brittle and damages easily if not handled carefully. Foam board offers an extremely smooth surface that laminates well, making it a widely acceptable choice for mounting digitally-printed digital, color graphics.

Foam Board

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