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Welcome to Zebra Graphics
Your One-Stop Shop for all your graphic needs.

We specialize in branding and visual identification for small business. We offer bundles as well as individual products and services.

We heve been designing, printing, fabricating and installing graphic and advertising products for businesses and individuals alike for over 25 years.

We print on paper, plastic, fabric, metal, and almost any object you can think of using a variety of printing methods.

Three-dimensional Signs, Letters, Logos

Carved and Routed Signs

Our carved and routed signs are made of wood or solid PVC boards. They are made by hand to give a specific flair or mechanically using CNC machines. These signs can be made both for indoor and outdoor version depending on the needs and the finish used. 

This kind of signage can be a great addition to your lobby showcasing your company logo or your property or ranch sign. This technique is also used to make the emblems of the organization.

Wooden, Plastic and Metal Letters and Logos

Wooden, plastic and metal letters and logos are cut and installed individually or they are combined together to build large sign boards. The materials used to make them are wood, metals, plastics and composite materials. 
The range of applications is very large, from very light wooden or composite letters to heavy-steel logos cut-out with plasma torches. They are installed directly on the surface or offset from it to enhance the three-dimensional effect.

This type of signboards can have various shapes and colors. They are used both indoor and outdoor.

Cast Metal and CNC Cut Plaques and Emblems

Emblems and plaques of die-cast or CNC cut are used wherever a formal, distinguished appearance is required. They are used on monuments, landmarks, public buildings, museums etc. They can also be used as information signs, descriptive boards or even as tombstones. 

They are usually made of non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass or aluminum. As a finish, we use various types of cuts and enamels to add colors